Math Course SPO 2018/19, Milano

Math Course SPO 2018/19, Milano


Math Course SPO 2018/19, Milano

Practice Lectures

The course provides the mathematical tools needed to attend successfully the study of economic and financial disciplines.


16-01-2019: Solving Inequalities

Linear Inequalities

Quadratic Inequalities

Rational Inequalities

Absolute Value Inequalities


22-01-2019 & 23-01-2019: Functions and their Graphs

Functions and their Graphs

Interior points, accumulation points, open sets, close sets, (un)bounded intervals, domain, image: see theoretical lectures


30-01-2019: Limits, Asymptotes and Graphs of Functions

Understanding and computing limits (skip trigonometric functions: sin, cos, tan)

Graphing Functions: domain, limits at boundary points, sign and asymptotes (horizontal, vertical, oblique)

Slant (oblique) asymptote


06-02-2019: Derivatives and Graphs of Functions

Derivative Worksheet (skip trigonometric functions)

Graphing with Calculus



Economics problems

Computing Taylor series (skip trigonometri functions)

Duration and Convexity of Bonds and why it matters

Differentiability and Piecewise functions

Complete study of functions 1 (final exercises with detailed solutions)

Complete study of functions 2 (final exercises with detailed solutions)

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